Triptych: shape, title, myth

2010, Portugese marble, 3 times 50*30*15 cm

Artibus Public Award

 The witch of Agnesi : Agnesi is the first female mathematician of which the works have been kept. She has described this curve. During the translation from Italian to English, l’avversiera (the curve) has been read as la versiera (the witch) making the curve famous as the Witch of Agnesi.

The Lituus : The lituus is one of the few mathematical curves appearing in nature, e.g. in the tips of young fern. The mythological meaning is immediately clear: the epistocal staff of Sint Nicolaas.

Newton’s Trident : Newton has studied mathematical topics, besides forces and accelerations. This curve has been defined by him, and is known as his trident. In this way a great name of exact science is affiliated to a great name of mythology: Neptunus.