Gijs van Kuik


Gijs van Kuik, 1951, until dec. 2016 employed by TU-Delft, see science.

  • sculpturing since 2001, many years at Artibus-UCK, at home, and each year a week abroad
  • 2006 group exposition 'Top Amateurs'  in the city hall of Utrecht
  • 2010 the Artibus Public Award for 'Triptych'
  • 2011 the Artibus Jury Award for 'the Sea'
  • dec 2011 - jan 2012 solo-exposition 'Rhythm, Room and Water' in the UCK main building
  • 2012 the Artibus Jury Award for 'Shiver'
  • 2014 July, exposition 'Waves' in Galerie Jenne Renes with Ragna van Ast, paintings
  • 2015 time for something new: from Adriaan Seelen I learned how to carve letters to contribute to the project De Letters van Utrecht
  • 2015 Masterclass sculpturing by Adriaan Seelen and Gerard van Rooij.
  • 2017 group exposition 'Conversation with a stone' at Miet Air
  • 2018 course in stonemasonry techniques by Gerrit Peele
  • 2020 Golden K Award, for the realisation of the Kunst Kaart van Houten , where all art in the public space of Houten is shown.
  • 2024 exhibition 'Carved in stone: from ancient scribal art to the Letters of Utrecht', during the poetry week in the library on the Neude, Utrecht


Contact: email gijs , visit in Houten: fine, please make an appointment by email