From 2001 to 2015 I took the sculpture course of Artibus-UCK. My teachers were Caroline Teesing and Cissy van der Wel (final year). Once a year in the summer I go to a one-week sculpture class, usually the one organized in the Vosges, France, by Adriaan Seelen , now succeeded by Fieke de Rooij, where besides Adriaan and Fieke also Gerard van RooijPaul van Laere and Erica van Seeters give classes. In 2015 I took a course in letter carving given by Adriaan Seelen. Gerrit Peele helped me further in stonemasonry techniques. I always attend the summer classes abroad together with my sculpture-friend Ida. Some of the people I have learnt to know there have a nice common website.

When you like to hear how a summer course sculpturing in France sounds, click here (lasts 30 seconds).

Along the old canals of Utrecht an eternal poem is carved in stone: every Saturday 1 letter (character). Look at De Letters van Utrecht for more information about this wonderful project.

My home town Houten has an active platform for artists: Kunst om de Hoek, with activities like the Art Bike Days, the Art Fair and a contribution to the Culture Night. At Kunst Kaarten in Houten you find all art in the public space of Houten.

Finally: thanks to Dick Sijtsma (website), Albert Ordelman and Leo van Kuik (many of the photo's)