The Dom Tower

2023, Pierre de Massangis, 35*10*4 cm

Anyone who lives in Utrecht or visits there often knows the silhouette of the Dom Tower. Years of restoration have hidden the tower behind scaffolding, but it is slowly becoming visible again as an icon of the city, until another restoration is necessary in a few decades.

Stripped of all ornaments and details, the tower is still recognizable, and it becomes feasible to carve it as a silhouette in one of the many types of stone used in the real Dom Tower, French limestone.

Every summer, the Preparation for Reconstruction of the Ship Dom Church foundation organizes a number of days of sculpting for children and adults on the Dom Square in blocks of (soft) marl, while the Dom Tower is being restored. Experienced sculptors supervise this and create their own sculpture. That’s how I started working on this mini Dom tower.